The Concierge Dashboard

Our Virtual Concierge Website: The Concierge Dashboard

In a variety of business sectors and industries there is an obvious stirring on the concierge front.  Trend data clearly indicates that concierge service is moving into the mainstream as clients have less time and demand more in the way of information and assistance in their buying transactions … and demand it happen at warp speed.  

After many years of providing concierge services on the ground, Charm City Concierge launched our Concierge Dashboard. The development of our proprietary virtual concierge software is a nationwide first in the concierge industry.  When getting things done faster and smarter is the norm, the Concierge Dashboard is the ultimate personal assistant and has all the capabilities a client needs to make life easier. 

The Concierge Dashboard transforms the way businesses and clients connect, interact and transact.  A personalized, interactive virtual concierge on your laptop links clients to their building/company, their dedicated concierge, and a localized virtual marketplace all under one roof.  

The concierge portal offers Charm City Concierge clients 24/7 access to one-stop shopping online for anything they might need.  It offers true online shopping – no referrals or links to outside shopping sites – and a “live” concierge still does all the work.

I love having the convenience of just sending an email of what I am looking for and having my concierge take the time to arrange/find/deliver what I need!! It's so helpful to not worry about details. I just send my email and know its taken care of.

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