Building Owners & Managers

Charm City Concierge helps properties to acquire and retain lifetime tenants. By offering concierge services and enhancing your tenants' experience, you understand the powerful connection between loyal tenants and long-term leases.

Almost every property owner can provide a clean building and nice atmosphere. But, to successfully compete in today's commercial real estate market and build value across your entire portfolio, you need to be creative, provide something extra and be better at what you do. Charm City Concierge provides the most innovative and relevant services that tenants are seeking ... we provide that something extra. Whether you choose our onsite concierge program, virtual concierge program or a combination of both, Charm City Concierge offers you the opportunity to send one message, centralize services and extend your brand to all of your tenants.


"I strongly recommend Charm City Concierge to any property owner who is interested in being on the cutting edge of providing the best tenant service available."

-- T.M., Property Manager, Colliers Pinkard