About Charm City Concierge


Charm City Concierge, Inc. and Concierge Solutions, LLC:
The Nation's Premier Concierge Service Solution

Founded in 1993 by Christina Hughes Urquhart, minority-owned and managed Charm City Concierge, Inc. and Concierge Solutions, LLC are the leading providers of concierge services and solutions in the Nation. 

By providing Concierge Solutions to commercial office buildings, residential communities/multifamily developments, mixed-use properties, private corporations, corporate campuses, malls and hospital clients, Charm City Concierge and Concierge Solutions LLC help landlords and corporations attract, secure, retain and expand relationships with their tenants, employees, residents, patients and guests in 250+ locations nationwide, spanning over 40 million square feet. 

Our 3 service delivery platforms – onsite, virtual and a hybrid of both -- give us the ability to service all types of clients and companies large and small.  While our scalable virtual concierge technology (The Concierge Dashboard) and streamlined operations have allowed us to expand existing client relationships and service new clients nationwide. 

From our offices in Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Philadelphia, we lead, support and cheer on a very talented team of employees focused entirely on delivering above and beyond service and amazing worklife solutions. By bringing amenities to make life easier, we create a "home away from home" work environment which helps our clients secure, retain and expand relationships with their tenants and employees. 

But, the real secret to our success? Simply put, we continually exceed our clients' expectations by offering impeccable service, a polished concierge team, relevant ever-changing programs, state of the art technology and an attention to detail that is unmatched in the concierge industry.


By building a sense of community within their client buildings, Charm City Concierge has enhanced the quality of work life for Downtown employees.

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