Who We Serve

Whether you wish to differentiate your property and strengthen your tenant relations program, attract and retain superior employees by enhancing your benefit and recruitment package, or increase visitation and enhance merchant sales at your shopping destination through premier customer service ... let Charm City Concierge be A Partner In Your Success.
While traditional on-site corporate concierge services are the cornerstone of our business, an incredible demand for service and a usage that has exceeded expectations has prompted the expansion of our program offerings from providing on-site concierge services in commercial office buildings, business parks, and corporations to providing on-site and virtual concierge services in renowned shopping destinations, corporate campuses, high-end residential communities and hospitals throughout the Nation.  

Charm City Concierge is quick, courteous and very responsive to our needs and desires. A big thank you to the building owner, COPT, for providing this to our Company.

... Integral Systems, Inc.