CSG Introduces 3-State Concierge Services

CSG Partners introduces three-state concierge services
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Baltimore-based CSG Partners, LLC, a full-service commercial real estate firm headquartered in Baltimore City, has announced the introduction of concierge services throughout its portfolio of commercial office buildings in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Charm City Concierge has been selected by the company to oversee and manage this amenity program that is available to all its tenants.

February 23, 2010 — Under the terms of the arrangement, tenants can utilize Charm City for accessing tickets to sporting or entertainment events, arranging special activities and meetings, performing research and booking travel arrangements, among other services. Tenants are not charged a fee when utilizing or engaging the services of Charm City – rather, they are only responsible for the products or goods that are purchased.

“Concierge services are commonly thought of as an amenity for urban-based office buildings in large cities, apartment buildings and downtown five-star hotel products,” stated Alan Grabush, Principal, Director of Marketing and Acquisitions for CSG Partners, LLC. “However, we view this program as a valuable service that can save both time and money for our tenants, and is another benefit for leasing space in our buildings,” he said.

“Many people have the misperception that the items we purchase or secure are more expensive than what individuals pay, when actually the reverse is true,” explained Nancy Green, the co-founder of Charm City Concierge. “Because of the volume price discounting that we have access to, we can sometimes save a considerable amount of money on entertainment or sporting event tickets, just to name two examples,” she said.

“We are regularly used to secure “hard-to-get” or last-minute tickets for exclusive events. No request is considered too large, too small or too outlandish but we are sometimes challenged by the timeframe objective that is placed on us. We are extremely creative and resourceful, however,” Green added.

The program is designed as a “virtual concierge” in which CSG tenants can obtain products and information on-line simply by signing up and logging onto a dedicated system.

CSG Partners is a full-service real estate development firm that designs, builds and manages commercial office, flex and industrial space throughout the Mid-Atlantic region including the Maryland, Delaware, southern Pennsylvania and Virginia marketplaces.  For more information visit www.csgpartnersllc.com