Introducing Simpli.
Our Tenant Engagement App.

Create a
differentiated workplace experience.

Transforming work places
into work experiences.

Create more than
just a place to live.

Build a Differentiated
retail experience.

It takes more than a building to form a community.

Charm City Concierge forms connections between employees, companies and the places they work to deliver meaningful experiences and encourage community.  Our single-source platform ensures work-life harmony, improves well-being, focuses on delivering a differentiated work experience and an engaged and activated community complemented by technology and a reputable team of concierge and experience managers.

Three custom platforms. One connected community.

Whether you want to build a bustling community and offer constant engagement with ongoing events and experiences or maybe you just want to offer an additional perk to your portfolio of benefits. We provide three platform options which are customizable to the goals and needs of our clients.


Concierge Services
Love where you work. When culture and engagement are celebrated, loyalty and retention become a promising reality. Whether its day-to-day conveniences, specialty pop-up shopping, trendy partner services or employee engagement programs, our Concierge Experience Managers deliver results—time savings, wellbeing, work-life harmony, fun and an elevated workplace experience. Work happy. Stay engaged. Inspire loyalty.

Work Happy

Experience Management
Celebrate. Socialize. Enjoy. Connect with tenants and activate your community with a branded customized and curated workplace experience program.  Our Social Experience Managers create a vibrant community year-round with differentiated experiences, engaging events, inspired programming and expertly-designed activations that encourage socialization, collaboration, connection, and engagement.

Work Social

 Tenant Engagement App
Elevate the workplace experience with Simpli, our tenant engagement app that connects tenants to their building’s amenities, services, perks, and community. Building management can easily engage and communicate directly with tenants, increase engagement at events, utilize data analytics, secure brand loyalty and renewals, increase retention, generate new revenue streams and retail integrations.

Work Simpli.

Create your own community.
Experience a new meaning of loyalty.

Who We Work With

I like feeling like the landlords are actually invested in our success rather than trying to get away with doing as little as possible. It creates a lot of engagement that I think is refreshing.


I value the activities as they are very creative ideas and hit a diverse spread of interests. It makes the years a lot more fun when seasonally themed get-togethers are available to indulge your playful side in the very same place you spend working day in and day out.


It's a huge advantage for me to be able to count on the concierge to get meals, gifts and flowers when I need them. Really lowers my stress level!

Booz Allen Hamilton