Concierge Close-Up: Lost Rhino Brewing Co.
Posted on April 17, 2014

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Steph Kelly Lost RhinoConcierges Steph & Kelly attended Spring Fest last Saturday at Lost Rhino Brewing Company in Ashburn, Va.

The perfect weather, great sample selection and all-around entertainment earns Spring Fest an A+ in our book!

Read Steph’s review below:

The ticket fee granted you access to Spring Fest and gave you four “tokens” that you used to purchase your beer sample; and while they called it a “sample” their serving size was a good 10oz cup. I’d say that’s more than sample size – not complaining though!

The Lost Rhino Brewing Co. had the entire parking lot roped off and there were tents spread throughout the lot equipped with all different kinds of their locally brewed beer available on tap.

Lost Rhino BarrelsWe made a beeline for the shortest sample line possible – which also happened to be the line our friend, and Charm City Concierge client, was working. What a small world! Kelly ordered a darker IPA while I ordered a tasty “light” beverage – their homebrewed Meridan. WOW! It was delicious, and beyond refreshing.

We circled around the tents and the people playing corn hole and ended up on the sidelines of the stage enjoying some live music. The day was filled with great conversation and entertainment and the air was filled with the smell of delicious food wafting from the food trucks.

When we needed a break from the sun, and a refill on our beverages, we headed inside of Lost Rhino Brewing Company where they had even more samples for the crowds to try.

Lost Rhino Spring Fest ListWhile waiting in line for a new beer sample, the brewery often had these lists (pictured right) beside the taps so you had an idea of what you wanted to sample in case you were not familiar with Lost Rhino Beer; which I was not.

Overall the event was a HUGE success! Kelly and I had a blast playing corn hole (she won both games), sampling some of the delicious food from the food trucks, listening to the live music and of course sampling a great variety of beer. Definitely a perfect way to spend a Saturday!

Next time you’re near Ashburn, we recommend visiting Lost Rhino Brewing Company!

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