Holiday Office Party Fun!
Posted on November 28, 2016

It’s getting to be that time of year again – the crazy, the chaotic, the festive, and the ever-stressful holiday season. Office buildings are buzzing and lobbies are decorated.

Getting your employees excited about the holiday season can be a little intimidating, but have no fear! Charm City Concierge has some holiday office party game ideas for your office celebrations! Prepare for some laughter and joy with your “office family.”

Guess Who? Holiday Picture Game

  • Have you wondered what the people you see day in and day out looked like as children? Have each person bring in a photo of themselves as a child during the holidays and have a guessing game! Once all the pictures have been collected, tape them to a large poster board and number the photos. Place a stack of index cards and pens in front of the poster board. When the employees arrive invite them to take a guess at who each person is in the photos. Holiday stories and nostalgia from years past are sure to get your co-workers chatting and sharing!

Worst Holiday Gift Ever

  • This game is very similar to the popular “Two truths and a lie.” Have everyone think of one really terrible holiday gift they have received over the years and pair it with two gifts ideas they think are hilarious, tacky, or just plain-old weird! Have the rest of the office try to guess which two are fake and which one was really a gift. This game is sure to get some belly laughs and maybe even some holiday commiseration.

Ugly Holiday Sweater Day

  • Time to borrow a sweater from your great-aunt for this festive attire challenge! Wear your ugliest, tackiest, funniest holiday apparel. Everyone will look silly with this challenge and it is sure to bring chuckles to your office party. Give a prize for “best” worst sweater!

White Elephant

  • A classic holiday gift giving game to spark some office competition! Ask each employee to bring in a wrapped gift, be sure to set a monetary limit. Everyone puts their wrapped gift in the center of the room, meanwhile numbers are given out at random. The bigger your number, the luckier you are! Number 1 picks a gift first, any gift in the center. Open it in front of the crowd, display it, and welcome the oohs and ahhs because you might not have it for long! Number 2 then picks a gift, but they have the option to pick either number 1’s gift or a new gift in the center! A gift can only be stolen 3 times. Stealing, roasting, and jesting – everything goes in this game!

Cookie Exchange

  • Does someone in your office brag about their famous cookie recipe? Time to put the treats to the test! Have each employee make two dozen of a cookie or dessert of their choice and make a party out of exchanging them. A sweet way to connect and chat with your co-workers with a fun twist on the traditional office lunch and everyone gets to take home an assortment of various sweet treats!
Post by: Anna B.