Corporate Services

Enjoy stress-free meetings & events.

Charm City Concierge will handle the behind the scenes coordination for an event or meeting of any size. Our experienced team and extensive vendor network will make your event stand out and allow you to focus on the bigger picture. Whether it is a one time event or an ongoing series, we can take the stress out of any upcoming get-together.

What can we help with?

Employee Parties and Picnics
Team Building Activities
On & Offsite Conferences
Full Service & Drop Off Catering
Employee Appreciation Events
Employee Recognition Initiatives
Benefits of Working with Charm City Concierge

Save Time & Stay Under Budget

Our Extensive Vendor Network

From Big Picture to Little Details

I have worked with Charm City Concierge for twelve years, always preferring to go through them for catering and other vendor services. Charm City offers flawless billing, completely reliable delivery of all goods and services, and a staff that can come up with a solution for any need or problem.

Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Until 3 months ago, I chose to do everything on my own. I have been extremely unhappy during my (17 YEARS) career with other concierge companies, so letting someone help was completely out of the question - too many bad experiences. That was until I met Charm City Concierge! They are absolutely my right hand. I don’t know what I would do without them. They are reliable, punctual, courteous, very professional and never too busy to help!

Grant Thornton

I place great value on having a "single" connection to be the go between for other services needed by the company when planning events. Everything is always handled beautifully by Charm City in getting information quickly to/from us and the vendors; contracts signed; money exchanged; tickets in advance. Follow-up was also very much appreciated!