Amenity Programming

Create connection and bring your spaces to life.

Think of your building as a template for a successful and thriving community. You brought the spaces, let us populate a calendar with creative events, memorable traditions and engaging experiences to activate the potential within your walls.  We create a strong workplace bond and increased sense of appreciation – making your property a best place to work.

“An amenity package can make a statement that differentiates a building from the competition…after the shine has worn off, the day-to-day experience can significantly influence decisions.” – Colliers International

“As organizations tap into their greatest asset — their people — leading companies will find opportunities to enhance teamwork and inspire creativity through strategic office design.”

Up your happy hour game with pinball, wine pairings, professional cooking classes and more!

Bring Your Space To Life

Bike Libraries
Food Trucks
Speaker Series
Movie Nights
Cooking Classes
Wine Tastings
Outdoor Yoga
Outdoor Concerts
Happy Hours
Painting Parties