Attract and retain a talented workforce.

As more organizations are tracking performance measures such as engagement, social networks and employee happiness, corporate real estate leaders are being asked to develop solutions to improve culture and connectivity, well-being and flexibility in the workplace.  Our innovative concierge solutions will improve employee productivity and satisfaction, support your attraction and retention initiatives and encourage a healthy work-life balance for your employees creating a Best Place to Work.

How We Create A Best Place To Work

Concierge Services

From time saving services to corporate services we help your employees balance their work-life to generate productive, happy, and engaged employees.

Bringing Spaces to Life

Your spaces combined with the rich experiences and rewarding events increase energy while promoting connectivity and community.

Wellness Programs

Our comprehensive wellness programs engage the workforce, lower employee benefits costs, reverse absence rates and boost job satisfaction.

Recruiting & Retention Initiatives

With our recruiting and retention programs, we focus on making sure every employee feels engaged, appreciated, and motivated to do great work.

Employee Engagement & Team Building

We build teamwork and common cause in your company with memorable events and unforgettable experiences. That's what makes barriers fall and employees learn to enjoy and rely on each other.


Concierge Advantages Rewards and Deals (the CARD) is our exclusive perk that offers rewards, deals and discounts from area retailers, restaurants, salons and entertainment venues.

Who We Work With