Deliver impeccable services, an amenity rich environment and well-being.

A major driving force for attracting tenant companies, employees, and residents is the richness of services and amenities provided in their day-to-day environment. When convenience and time-savings are on the table, attraction and retention become a promising reality. Our SERVICE platform perfectly pairs these two valuable commodities.

Having access to a limitless array of services and amenities ranging from time-saving, lifestyle, health and well-being services to corporate, residential, visitor and loyalty services is so much more than crossing things off a to-do list. It means your people have extra time to focus on things most important to them. With that is the increased likelihood that they stay happy, engaged and connected to your community.

VALUE TO Property Owners — Companies are more likely to sign lease renewals, increase company footprint, and expand when you deliver an exceptional workplace experience and their workforce is happy, engaged and productive.

VALUE TO Companies — Keep employees engaged and happy so they do great work and stay focused.  Our services provide an avenue to attract and retain the best and the brightest talent and ultimately being recognized as a Best Place to Work.

VALUE TO Residential Buildings — Create a destination that promotes community, events and experiences that fosters grateful residents who are pleased to call your property home.




Our Virtual Concierge platform creates immediate access for your tenants and employees to an array of 100+ personal and corporate services. With the personal touch of a “live” concierge team, on-line access to a rich selection of products and services and 24/7 access to one-stop shopping online, your tenants and employees will receive a high level of attention and support.


Pair our virtual technology with our dedicated onsite concierge team who will hand deliver an array of services to your residents, employees or tenants.


Our program is customizable based on the needs of our clients.