Summer of Service: Virginia
Posted on June 14, 2016

Many of us are focusing on how to get out of town and relax this summer but if you’re planning to stick around, might we suggest volunteering in your community?

Finding time to give back shouldn’t be hard and volunteering shouldn’t feel like a chore. There are so many benefits to making volunteer time a priority in your life!

Many companies even offer volunteer leave policies to encourage their teams to get out and support their communities. Not only will your time and effort help others but you will experience a happiness effect in which you walk away feeling great about your contribution.

There are endless opportunities in your local community and we put together a short list to feature just few exciting options!

Fairfax Pets on Wheels

Fairfax Pets on Wheels allows pet owners to share their fury friends with those living in assisted living facilities.  As a pet owner you understand better then anyone the power of animal companionship! Why not share that joy with those that cannot manage pet ownership on their own and miss the days when they could. It’s a simple process to apply for your pet to become an ambassador and then you can make it work around your busy schedule!

paw on wheels_va


Each October, Volunteer Fairfax hosts an exciting region-wide day of service. Hundreds of community members come together to assist local non-profits with projects that face limitations due to lack of time and resources. Volunteer tasks include, schools, playgrounds, parks, libraries, walking trails, recreation centers and more!

Mark your calendars for October 22, 2016!

volunteer fairfax.jpg

Meals on Wheels

If you have a car and are eager to fit volunteering into your daily schedule, then take a look at Meals on Wheels. This organization allows freshly prepared meals to be delivered right to the doorsteps of those in need. Recipients are community members that are unable to safely prepare their own food and depend upon others to perform these tasks. One of the most important aspects is the semblance of independent living for our elderly community, to help keep these people comfortable in their own homes and delay the need for assisted living facilities.

meals on wheels_va

Have some opportunities to add to our list? Please leave a comment!

Check back next week for volunteer opportunities in Washington, DC.