Transform Your Empty Office Space into a Winter Wonderland!
Posted on September 19, 2016

Do you want to have a rockin’ holiday office party but don’t have a huge budget? Do you have empty office space that you aren’t sure what to do with? Turn your free space into a Winter Wonderland holiday party!

Your employees are sure to be impressed with the festive décor and your wallet will love the prices! Balance your holiday budget with DIY ideas combined with festive additions available through your concierge. Your party will be sure to have sugar, spice, and everything nice!

Do it yourself décor!

  • Decorate your empty office space with DIY paper snowflakes! Recruit fellow artistic (and non-artistic) co-workers to grab a pair of scissors and start cutting! It’s a fun craft that is sure to create a buzz around the office. A simple YouTube tutorial can provide directions and tips. Indulge your glam side and add silver and gold glitter for extra shine. Watch a tutorial here!
  • Fill a Mason jar (or any clear class vase) with basil, water, cranberries, and a tee light candle for a sweet centerpiece.


  • Use white and silver spray paint on twigs for a DIY snow-covered tree centerpiece! Place the painted twigs in a vase or basket and add pine cones and evergreen leaves for an extra homey touch.


  • 3 different sized white Styrofoam balls with a wooden dowel through the middle makes a quick and easy snowman! Bring in a scarf and a hat from home to finish the look.
  • Cover boring white walls and wooden doors with holiday and winter themed wrapping paper and ribbons for an extra holiday surprise. (You could even have a door decorating contest!)
  • Invite fellow employees to show off their baking skills with a “cookie contest” or cookie exchange at the party! People love showcasing their cooking skills, it’s the perfect opportunity to try your colleague’s “famous” sugar cookies.

Add some special games, event rentals, or catering to make sure your party comes to life!

  • Contact your concierge to rent a photo booth with winter themed props to take unforgettable party pictures. The pictures always make great souvenirs and reminders of a great party! You can even add your company logo to the pictures.
  • Banish the winter chill with hot cocoa, hot apple cider, or custom drinks provided through Charm City Concierge.


  • Sick of the typical radio holiday tunes? Hire a caroling group through your concierge for an authentic holiday feeling.
  • Indulge your inner foodie with festive appetizers and a delicious dessert, cookie, or s’mores bar!


  • Simple high-top tables with black table cloths and poinsettia centerpieces will liven up your space and provide the perfect spot to chat with a colleague and enjoy a bite to eat!
  • Test your skills with Minute To Win It games or a blindfolded drawing contest. At CCC’s holiday party last year, we were challenged to put a paper plate on our heads and draw a winter scene as described by the judge. You are awarded points for accuracy and creativity.

Contact your concierge to help plan your event, lead a DIY décor class, and discuss rentals! You can also check out our Pinterest boards for more ideas.

Post by: Anna B. & Ashley M.